What day is it?

Baobap Tree, The Big Tree

“What day is it?” asked Tsjetske.
Lotte said: “It’s today!”.

“That is my favorite day! Make every day your favorite day, that’s your challenge.”

Today was our favorite day because…

20 June 2013: …our dearest friends and family came to wave us goodbye

21 June 2013: …we are in Africa!!!

22 June 2013: …we scored our most fabulous goals of our soccer career in Hillbrow with Rob and Tim

23 June 2013: …the safari trip started with a nice African sunset

24 June 2013: …we played golf at the most beautiful golf course we have ever seen

25 June 2013: …the trip to Durban went smooth, safe and we found a place to sleep before sunset

26 June 2013: …Lotte fulfilled the barista-challenge at the bean grean’s!

27 June 2013: …because we took the wrong exit, got lost, went off-road and tested our 4×4 big time!

28 June 2013: …the first game drive we did was a huge success!

29 June 2013: …we up-dated our website for the first time!

30 June 2013: …we went diving and saw big whale-plashes at the horizon!

1 july 2013: …a huge African Elephant showed up out of nowhere up to 3 meters close!

2 july 2013: …a rare black rhino was spotted!

3 july 2013: …we saw dolphins in Mozambique!

4 july 2013: …6 Rhino’s blocked our way for 15 minutes in Kruger Park!

5 july 2013: …we saw an awesome Leopard and a huge group of vultures

6 july 2013: …our moms were nice and relaxed after our call

7 july 2013: …a real African countryside experience came to us

8 july 2013: …the headmaster of an African primary school showed us around

9 july 2013: …the mother and child balancing rocks are still standing

10 july 2013: …Tim helped us out great until now, but now we’re on our own

11 july 2013: …Vic falls were astonishing!

12 july 2013: …we almost hit some running ball pickers on a driving range

13 july 2013: …we are in Botswana!

14 july 2013: …the best braai meat ever went into our mouths

15 july 2013: …Lotte had to buy off a police officer not to get a fine (50 Rands)

16 july 2013: …we played some awful golf at Gary player Golf and Country Club

17 july 2013: …we met nice people at Blair Atholl, played with caddies, had our own locker and the best half way house meal ever

18 july 2013: …we washed our clothes with a wachingmachine since one month time!

19 july 2013: …a day off was such a delight.

20 july 2013: …we left Africa

21 july 2013: …we had a warm welcome in Malaysia, pffffff


Updated (07-09-2013):

22 july 2013: …of the Night Safari in Taman Negara with glow in the dark scorpions and big spiders

23 july 2013: …we got soaking wet during rapid shooting

24 july 2013: …dinner on plastic chairs at a local market with pictures of the food on the menu

25 july 2013: …we saw daddy Jerry and big brother Laurence

26 july 2013: …Despicable me 2 was a good laugh with the familiy

27 july 2013: …Laurence splashed people from the lazy river in the Sunway Lagoon water park

28 july 2013: …we played soccer with 60 year old dad and friends

29 july 2013: …we said goodbye to Laurence and Dad and headed to Singapore

30 july 2013: …Mamma Anke joined us for the coming 2,5 weeks

31 july 2013: …we used the hop-on-hop-off bus and are not ashamed to say it

1 august 2013: …the CHOAS in Jakarta on the roads is too crazy to be true and be a part of

2 august 2013: …we played at Royale Jakarta with weird looking funny caddies

3 august 2013: …Mr Wahyu and Mrs Silvia spoiled us to the max!

4 august 2013: …we took the fasting taxi driver thru the Mc drive to break his fast

5 august 2013: …we survived a ferocious attack from a big bug during our sleep

6 august 2013: …the waterfall we went to was amazing!

7 august 2013: …we went up the volcano to see the sunrise en hot steam geysers with yellow sulfur.

8 august 2013: …we arrived in Bali.

9 august 2013: …our private swimming pool is great!

10 august 2013: …we had an upgrade: bigger house and swimming pool, lots of flowers and even cheaper!

11 august 2013: …we’re enjoying our first day off in Asia!

12 august 2013: …mam and Lot got a massage.

13 august 2013: …we relaxed on the beach.

14 august 2013: …we went sightseeing at Bali.

15 august 2013: …we took it slow on the boat to Lombok.

16 august 2013: …we started trekking the volcano Rinjani.

17 august 2013: … the sunrise at the summit was the best ever.

18 august 2013: …we did snorkeling in paradise Gili Air.

19 august 2013: …the 1000 Horse Power boat went faaaast.

20 august 2013: …the flight departed on time to the next continent Oceania, Australia, Darwin!

21 august 2013: …we’re the only ones in our mixed dorm!

22 august 2013: …we saw lots of potential campervans!

23 august 2013: …the show at Darwin’s festival ‘hot brown honey burlesque’ was unexpected and good fun!

24 august 2013: …we’re lucky! The van we were interested in broke down before we bought it!

25 august 2013: …Mindel market sunset in Darwin was nice and relaxed.

26 august 2013: …The website finally got an update!

27 august 2013: …We bought a Yellow campervan, ‘Australian Style’.

28 august 2013: …We turned our campervan upside down and cleaned it inside out!

29 august 2013: …Hit the road Jack! 80km/h because of the fuel consumption…

30 august 2013: …We saw nature and Aboriginal rock art works in Kakadodeldoo national park!

31 august 2013: …We ate a classic Australian-diner-style hamburger with loads of onion, pffffff…

1 september 2013: …We swim, swem, swam, swamsinite at a very nice waterfall in Litchfield Nat. Park!

2 september 2013: …Our last day in Litchfield was great again and loaded with waterfalls (five in total).

3 september 2013: …The love-to-suck-up-the-fuel-campervan fixed his fuel issues in Katherine (hopefully).

4 september 2013: …We hit the outback with our campervan!

5 september 2013: …We still hit the outback with our campervan!

6 september 2013: …We still still hit the outback with our campervan! And, our biggest fan is having her birthday today!

7 september 2013: …The plan was to have no plan, and it came out!

8 september 2013: …we spoiled ourselves with good meat pepper sauce and homemade(!) chocolate chip cookies for desert

9 september 2013: …the first 18 holes of golf in Australia opened our eyes

10 september 2013: …we build a dam near a beautiful waterfall

11 september 2013: …4 turtles at the most remote waterfall in the tablelands rested on top of each other

12 september 2013: …we had to collect our own balls at the driving range (good old times)

13 september 2013: …there are too many reasons to call this our favorite day

14 september 2013: …we’ve met the nicest Aussie travelers so far

15 september 2013: …golf on Palm Cove was very enjoyable

16 september 2013: …reef sharks, humphead parrotfish and nemo swam by!

17 september 2013: …the stop in home hill gave us good comfort for free

18 september 2013: …we had a relaxing day at the comfort stop

19 september 2013: …Airlie beach gave us a nice, relaxed and warm welcome

20 september 2013: …we took good care of our campervan! Again!

21 september 2013: …Ocean rafting! Whitsunday Island, most white and finest beach ever!

22 september 2013: …we ended our day of traveling with the cinemas and stayed up until eleven!

23 september 2013: …Hervey Bay is our next stop to spot some whales and tour Fraser Island

24 september 2013: …we saw huge jumping humpback whales in Hervey Bay

25 september 2013: …it is washing day, clean clothes at last!

26 september 2013: …we spoke to our ‘former’ ‘bosses’ and we liked it very much!


Updated (14-12-2013):

27 September 2013: …we’re heading to Fraser island in our new 4×4!

28 September 2013: …we drove on a sandy, beachy highway

29 September 2013: …the sun shined the whole day and we swam the lake!

30 September 2013: …Brisbane is where we arrived.

1 October 2013: …we ‘sold’ the van to an English lady…

2 October 2013: …we shopped until we dropped!

3 October 2013: …Brookwater is where we played golf and our van is for sale again!

4 October 2013: …Keperra Golf club was very very nice!

5 October 2013: …one of our two vans is SOLD, for real this time!!!

6 October 2013: …totally unexpected there’s papa Gert, Gurt, Gerrald at Brisbane airport!

7 October 2013: …we spotted some humpback whales along the coast!

8 October 2013: …at least we tried to do some surfing…

9 October 2013: … the morning beach walk in South West Rocks was one of the best!

10 October 2013: …we arrived in The Blue Mountains and slept next to a beautiful outlook

11 October 2013: …Hidde played the didge at the Didgeridoo Centre.

12 October 2013: …canyoning and abseiling was the activity for today!

13 October 2013: …the Jenolan Caves were huge and amazing!

14 October 2013: …we met Ineke and Frank in Melbourne and could stay with them for almost a week!

15 October 2013: …the fresh market we went to was delicious!

16 October 2013: …st Andrews Golfcourse was hilly, windy and oh so beautiful!

17 October 2013: …we saw koala’s and penguins at Philip Island!

18 October 2013: …the steak (600gr) we ate at Meat & Wine was one of the best!

19 October 2013: …Gert left us and we had such a nice time!

20 October 2013: …we left at Ineke and Frank’s and went south to the coast. Thanks a lot!

21 October 2013: …Hidde shot the longest traveling golf ball in the world on Moonah Links.

22 October 2013: …30!!!! Makes the neighbourhood again prettig!

23 October 2013: …we met Sir van Beken and played nice golf at the Dunes.

24 October 2013: …SUN, sun at last, we missed you!!!

25 October 2013: …golf at the beachfront Narooma Golfclub was spectacular!

26 October 2013: …this is the day we arrived in Sydney!

27 October 2013: …the jazzy boat tour through the harbor of Sydney was stunning!

28 October 2013: …crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge a few times a day isn’t something you do every day!

29 October 2013: …the big burp after a nice Japanese meal a Chinese man did was totally unexpected for us!

30 October 2013: …playing golf during sunset at the coastline is always great!

31 October 2013: …we had lots new experiences today.

1 November 2013: …our welcome dinner in New Zealand had the deliciouest ribs ever!

2 November 2013: …we’re so excited to see this most beautifull country ever!

3 November 2013: …the view upon the mountain where we stayed the night was amazing!

4 November 2013: …the Hector dolphins Lotte swim with we’re so small, fast and cute!

5 November 2013: …the spring in NZ is beautifull to see!

6 November 2013: …we did and saw many new great things in one day!

7 November 2013: …spotting a yellow eyed pinguin during the day is hard and we did it!

8 November 2013: …today we played golf all of a sudden and we went to the cinema’s all of a sudden!

9 November 2013: …it so nice when all your clothes are clean again!

10 November 2013: …kayakking in Doubtfull Sound in the pouring rain was fantastic!

11 November 2013: …the scenic flight we did over Milford Sound was the highlight of our trip (so far)!

12 November 2013: …during the great Routeburn Walk we did 30 km in a day and even stayed fit!

13 November 2013: …the scenic drive from Milford Sounds was beautifull!

14 November 2013: …finally we had a day off!

15 November 2013: …playing Jacks Point was a hole new experience just as eating a Fergburger!

16 November 2013: …Lotte scored a great recipe from the Ferg!

17 November 2013: …canyoning at the Routeburn track hilarious!

18 November 2013: …we met Floortje Dessing in a small world!

19 November 2013: …the avalanches at Rob Roy Glacier were breathtaking!

20 November 2013: …we spoke to big bro Nills and he’s coming to visit us!

21 November 2013: …we took it easy and we’ve been very usefull!

22 November 2013: …the iceclimbingtrip was a whole new and great experience!

23 November 2013: …we didn’t go heli-rafting…

24 November 2013: …today we saw the Pancake Rocks and ate…pancakes!

25 November 2013: …we had very good and free wifi access!

26 November 2013: …we just did a short hike of 32 km!

27 November 2013: …today is the day we have some steak again!

28 November 2013: …the kayaking was again wet and nice in Abel Tasman National Park

29 November 2013: …we survived 5 face-forward-falls while mountain biking the Dun Mountain trail

30 November 2013: …even though we forgot to take the ferry on time, we still made it to the nothern island the next day!

1 December 2013: …we ate kruidnootjes at the Dutch windmill in foxton.

2 December 2013: …again we climbed a vulcano and it was so beautifull!!

3 December 2013: …playing the Kinloch golf course in exchange for a chocolate letter was unexpected!

4 December 2013: …the present we got in the Waitomo caves was beautiful, fun and exciting!!! Thanks a lot!!

5 December 2013: …hot water beach holes we’re filled automatically (with rain…).

6 December 2013: …we had a beautiful ride over highway 35!

7 December 2013: …tipping over with our rafts was AWESOME(!!) at Mohaka rafting.

8 December 2013: …two movies in one day, we needed to recover from rafting.

9 December 2013: …we skyped with Laurance on his birthday!

10 December 2013: …Cape Kidnappers, nothing to add to that…

11 December 2013: …we saw very unusual volcanic activity.

12 December 2013: …Golf at Remuera Golf Club opened our eyes and minds.

13 December 2013: …it’s Friday 13th! And we got rid of our camperauto.

13 December 2013: …it’s Friday 13th! Again!!!! Because we are in the Cook Islands and it’s yesterday, not today.


14 December 2013: …We didn’t do no nothing!

15 December 2013: …We didn’t do no nothing!

16 December 2013: …We didn’t do no nothing!

17 December 2013: …We didn’t do no nothing!

18 December 2013: …We did two dives!

19 December 2013: …We didn’t do no nothing!

20 December 2013: …We went scootering on the day that our worldtrip was halfway already!

21 December 2013: …We flew towards LA 1 minute before midnight!

22 December 2013: …We’re in the U.S. of A.!

23 December 2013: …We picked up our new home!

24 December 2013: …We saw Mam and my litlle bro Notenboom!

25 December 2013: …Our states trip began!

26 December 2013: …We bought lots of clothes at A&F and Noah an iPhone 5s #jealous

27 December 2013: …We saw a 1000 dolphins!!!

28 December 2013: …We watched Ace Ventura Pet Detective in our motorhome

29 December 2013: …Just because!

30 December 2013: …The sunrise in the grand canyon was stunning en colorfull!

31 December 2013: …Of the watershow in front of Bellagio hotel!

1 January 2014: …Vegas was awesome!

2 January 2014: …We felt so tiny next to those huge Sequoia tree’s!

3 January 2014: …Climbing towards the Yosemite waterfall was good fun!

4 January 2014: …We were stuck on the ice with our motorhome…

5 January 2014: …We cruised along Alcatraz and underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

6 January 2014: …17 miles drive and highway 1 were one of the best foggy drives ever!

7 January 2014: …We picked up our new home on wheels!

8 January 2014: …Our new home broke down already!

9 January 2014: …We’ve slept at some guys trailer we’ve hardly ever spoken to, a whole new experience!

10 January 2014: …Of the clash LA Lakers-LA Clippers!

11 January 2014: …Our trip in North America really started (again)!

12 January 2014: …Because we’re thinking about crossing the border to Mexico like ‘the Millers’ did!

13 January 2014: …A nice guy named Terry, took us out for diner and we just met him playing golf!

14 January 2014: …We heard some good friends are coming to join us during our trip!

15 January 2014: …We were lucky to meet Gregg Patterson at THE BEACHCLUB!

16 January 2014: …It’s our nicest and smallest nephew’s birthday!!! Congrats little man!

17 January 2014: …Lotte finally has a full and new set of golfclubs!

18 January 2014: …Lotte finally can play with her new full set!

19 January 2014: …Hidde took a picture with Ben crane at the PGA-tour at LA Quinta’s golfclub.

20 January 2014: …We found the best sleeping spot ever in Joshua Tree NP.

21 January 2014: …Again we missed the sunrise….!

22 January 2014: …Driving was al we did today!

23 January 2014: …We hiked down and down in the Grand Canyon! Awesome!

24 January 2014: …Hiked along the Colorado river in the middle of the Grand Canyon!

25 January 2014: …Monument valley was red and breathtaking!

26 January 2014: …Antilope canyon was also red and breathtaking!

27 January 2014: …The ranger talk in Bryce Canyon was so interesting!!

28 January 2014: …In Zion they closed the whole tunnel especially for our RV to drive through! Whaow!!

29 January 2014: …We just took it nice and easy today.

30 January 2014: …We hiked the river ‘the narrows’ in a dry suit!

31 January 2014: …Our trip goes on to Las Vegas!

1 February 2014: …We laid back in the best cinema ever with butlers and all in vegas.

2 February 2014: …Wathing the Super bowl in the states was stunning

3 February 2014: …We could use the golflesson Kristin gave us, thanks a lot!

4 February 2014: …Even after 5 times the Bellagio fountain is impressive!

5 February 2014: …We just had an easy drive.

6 February 2014: …We drove the colorfull artist drive in Death Valley!

7 February 2014: …It was familytime bigtime at Paulina’s in Sacramento with Jaqueline and Tom!

8 February 2014: …We had more familytime with Christina and Louis.

9 February 2014: …We had even more familytime with Eric and Julianna!

10 February 2014: …We enjoyed the qualitytime with Paulina!

11 February 2014: …We had even even more familytime Annemarie and Carey!

12 February 2014: …We’re moving on towards San Francisco.

13 February 2014: …We saw the Golden Gate Bridge from a different perspective: misty!

14 February 2014: …Finally we meet again: big bro Nills arrived!

15 February 2014: …Highway 1, here we come!

16 February 2014: …Bandon dunes was EPIC!

17 February 2014: …The coast along highway 1 was thriving.

18 February 2014: …We didn’t see the Olymipics, but we did see Olympic National Park!

19 February 2014: …Arriving seattle by ferry when the sun is shining isn’t something you see every day!

20 February 2014: …The fish really fly at pikes place market!

21 February 2014: …We had more familytime with Monica and Stan!

22 February 2014: …We’re ready for canada with all our new winterclothing.

23 February 2014: …Whistler is our new home for the coming days.

24 February 2014: …